Máy Scan mã vạch HR3280 Marlin II

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the ideal handheld solution for scan-intensive use in retail and logistics "

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Megapixel camera.
The HR3280 Marlin II is a barcode scanning powerhouse. No matter what type of barcode is presented, the megapixel camera allows users to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, including very small and high density ones, with impressive speed and ease.
Durable Construction.
Users in retail setting will enjoy the strong exterior and drop resistance up to 1.5m. With an IP42 rating, the device is protected against water and dust.
Superior ergonomics.
The HR3280 Marlin II is the ideal solution for scan-intensive use in retail and logistics. The scanner fits comfortably in any user’s hand, reducing the fatigue of long-time operation.
All-round scanning capability.
Whether you need a barcode scanner that can be used on paper or displayed on screen, you’ll be set with the HR3280 Marlin II. The device delivers unmatched scanning performance for both conventional and emerging applications.
Offered with a coiled cable.
Foldable smart stand available.
It is possible to order a foldable smart stand as an accessory or as a SET with the scanner.
Thông số kỹ thuật
Processor 1GHz, X1500  
Image Sensor CMOS 1280 x 800  
Illumination Red LED (625±10 nm) / White LED  
Aiming Green LED  
Depth of Field EAN13 (13mil) 45-510mm  
Depth of Field CODE 39 (5mil) 75-220mm  
Depth of Field PDF417 (6.67mil) 70-215mm  
Depth of Field Data Matrix (10mil) 50-220mm  
Depth of Field QR (15mil) 20-330mm  
Minimal Print Contrast 25%  
Scan Angle Roll 360°  
Scan Angle Pitch ±55°  
Scan Angle Skew ±55°  
Field of View Horizontal 39°  
Field of View Vertical 24°  
Scan Modes Trigger (Level, Pulse), Sense, Continuous Mode  
Scan Rate 60 frames per second


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